Varētu pat teikt – citātu kartotēka.

They can clothe as this in Latvian television too

Leonid Stovroi teica:

This is such inbelievable! In my country we also have this womens in television (they act identic sisters in prorgam “Adventurous Identic Sisters”)(sorry it is translating of Latvian name, I know not of American naem of program) but they have never permission to clothe in so naked clothes!!! or the sepctators on our television find hers not decent becuase too much naked. But I find not this offedning at all!!! I find they look SO lovely in clothes like this and I hope one day in the future in my country they undertsand beautiful womens must not have shame about nakedity and they can clothe as this in Latvian television too. You have much luckyness they let yoursefl take pictures of hers almost naked!!! And they have so GRAET smile and expression of face in the picture. Congratulation!!!


Filed under: angliski, slavenības

One Response

  1. Jeremy saka:

    Mļin, šis ir fantastiski. Puisis ar pilnu pārliecību noteikti CV raksta – fluent English.


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